Now For The First Time Ever

You Can Introduce Your Inner Wild Woman To The World

If you’ve experienced the power of Dr. Estés’ landmark book, you deserve to proudly display your Wild Woman.

To have a visual reminder to connect you with your inner wolf.

To visually express that wild wisdom with quiet elegance in your home.

For the first time since being published in 1992, you can now own the powerful, iconic illustration featured on the original cover of Women Who Run With the Wolves.

Divine Wolf has been granted exclusive world rights to share this work of art with wild women everywhere.

Beautifully Handmade From Natural Materials

These prints are NOT simply just uploaded to a computer and cranked out on a printer.

Each Divine Wolf print is made with the same essence and love of nature that the iconic image represents.
Every lock of hair, tuft of fur and element of nature is first etched by hand into a single block of maple. It is a careful process that takes hours to perform and years to perfect.

Deckled paper edges.

Once this maple block engraving is complete, the artist then takes a sheet of museum-grade archival paper and places it on an antique hand press. Archival paper lasts for over a hundred years and is usually saved for the most important legal or historical documents.

Each sheet of paper is then deckled by hand, leaving an edge pattern that gives each print its own unique personality.

A brayer is a hand-tool used historically in printmaking. It breaks up and “rub out” ink.

The artist uses a special ink roller called a brayer. This tool spreads an even, hair-thin layer of special black ink onto the engraved maple block. The inked maple block is next pressed onto the specialty paper.

After a few seconds contact, the ink absorbs into the paper, it is carefully lifted. At last, you have an exquisite, handmade print of the iconic Wild Woman recognized by over two million readers.

Get Your Handmade Divine Wolf Print Today

In 1992, Dr. Estés commissioned the Divine Wolf illustration. Brad got paid $3,500 then; which is valued at over $6,200 today.

And that worth is no surprise. Impressive creativity, craftsmanship and care went into making this symbolic image.

We are now offering a limited-run printing of this iconic art. For a single payment of only $190, you can display this mesmerizing expression of your inner Wild Woman in your home.

Each 7 x 6 inch print is shipped to your home within two weeks at no extra cost.

We have a generous return policy. If you are not absolutely in love with this print, 100% of your money will be refunded. No questions asked.

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